Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SMS Set 10- Strut

Ello everyone!

I am so proud of myself for updating! :D *acts like a three year old who has just made a picture*

I want to start off by posting a piece of a chat with my friend because she's so hilarious.

Me: ...?
 Friend:  Fuck the World today because people like Erik Saade are Popular. (No Pun Intended.)

If you don't know who he is, you're lucky. If you're curious, look up "Eric Saade Popular". Have fun in music hell.

Now onto the real reason I'm writing this. I did a pic for Shop Me Stunning, set 10. I'm quite proud of it!

Just to be funny, I want to say that it's a tiny pic. Get it? Like tinypic the websi- you know what? I'm not even gonna try to be funny.

Since it's such a tinypic *giggle*, I want to show the big pic of her to well... show off.

So there.

I also want to brag about once again winning the hunger games assignment! Not much of a difference between me and the second place pic, just 8 points... *hair flip, because I can't resist*

And Eurovision Song Contest started yesterday! *fangirl spasm* If you watch it, tell me your opinions! I am rocking to Euphoria, not just because it's my country, but because I love the song, and Loreen is sooooo talented!

Then the girl said, adios!

(Then she waddled away, waddle waddle, then she waddled away, waddle waddle waddle, then she waddled away, waddle waddle, 'till the very next post! Bam bam bam ba ba ba bam...)

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