Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Following Myself? Whaaaat?

This just takes LAME to a new level! I DIDN'T KNOW. I HONESTLY DIDN'T.

'Cause it's true. Deal with it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My blog exists.... yay...?

Well, my email was going to be deleted and bla bla bla look up a thread where I wrote about it... yah yah...

NOW, my blog was going to be deleted and part of me said "sdg,htkmlhlkdfyui.", while the rest of me said "YAY!". Why? Because this blog was made in my days of noob-iness, and I never update.

Easy to fix, I know, but still, doesn't it feel better to start all over, sometimes?

Well... nothing really important to say...


(P.S.: IF you actually read my blog, could you post a comment or something saying AYE so I know there's an actual reason to write? Thanks!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Better Cbox?

I have grown tired of having a cbox filled with spams saying "pls visit my blog", I mean, how do some people get here?!

Like the person who has a blog about weight loss, diet plans and @$$3$!

And comments like "I love your blog", you f**ing don't know me or what I do, to you I'm just a confusing girl!

So, I am in the search of a new cbox, one where people can't randomly advertise on.

Something with a password would be amazing... but I can't find one.

My question to you: Do any of you have any idea where I can get my dream cbox?


Oh How I Try and Oh How I Fail...

I was set to update properly and all, and do I succeed? No.

I fail to update a lot of thingys, get used to it.


I have had a plaster cast for 3 weeks after a biking in a curve. I got a crack in the bone, which was obvious when I saw my left foot was twice the size compared to the right one.

Couple of days later my cousins came to town, last year we had planned all of us together and go to an amusement park. Then of course, the cast.

Well, it was pretty darn awesome.

There were wheelchairs available for renting, so that solved the walking problem, and a lot of other problems too!

PLUS, my mom, my sister and I all got free tickets!

And there are a lot of stairs and things, so I got to go by the back every time! No cue for me OR company! And the cues were like 20-45 minutes long, so this was the life of luxury!

What was a big problem was my oldest cousin (5 years old), because her day care what do you call it? Teacher? Anyways, she had died of cancer, and her family had gone to see her in the hospital. Problem was: after this she had become scared of everything that had to do with hospitals. Old people, crutches, wheelchairs, etc. So when I came to say hello to her, skipping with the crutches, she started to cry and hugged her parents, because she thought I was going to die. Of course I went: "Did I say something?". So that was a bit of a problem, but then we had such a good day @ the amusement park, and she didn't have to cue or anything, so when she left, she was not as afraid. Of course she gave me a hug and started to sob a little, but what can you expect from a 5 year old?

I got rid of on Tuesday this week, so I still can't walk properly, but yesterday my friend came over andwe played playstation for 4 hours, so I had fun.

What happened during the time of the cast?

Well, not much. Just some pics. It should be like a whole new place if you go to my gallery blog! (In the side bar) I mean when did I last update it? Christmas! That's 7 months! I've been up to a lot during that time! ;)

Cheerio mi amigas! :]

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updates and Random Shizz

Wow, so...I haven't really updated anything properly since when? I started the blog? Idk, anyways I am going to try to blog a little more since I noticed I have 16 followers! Pretty good motivation.

First things first.


So I was watching Mystic's Kitty Condo (great blog, follow it!), and I saw Tanner. At first I thought it was just a picture, then I noticed that when I moved the mouse, it moved the head. I thought it was really cool, so I clicked more, and I could feed it and play with it and I thought it turned SUPER cool, so I clicked on the link to adopt one myself. I found this adorable puppy, but it could only be used on so no thanks! Since I couldn't get a cute puppy I decided to get a sheep because I wanted something fluffy. I made it Pink because I wanted something cute. Now, Prince Baby Bear was a name I got from Paris Hilton- she has a puppy called that (isn't she a wonderful lady? o-o) so there you go. Adopt your own, they're super fun, and go ahead and play with my sheep!

So a lot of you may know my friend Crgee or crg1999, whetever in a posetive or negative way I bet you know her. So we're going to make a story together called Solstice, it's a murder mystery and I currently have my game on making the main character. Go bookmark the thread and look out for updates!

I have also moved from Hong Kong to Sweden. Moved into my house 5 days after living in a hotel apartment for a month.

In between the move which feels forever ago, I was in Beijing and saw the wall, the forbidden city, two parts of the Ming tombs (from the Ming dynasty) I would show some photos except for the fact that I can't find them. Bugger.

I have looked at my photo gallery and noticed that I have updated that even less. Those photos make me look like idk what. I have a lot of new (or 7 months old) photos ready to be pasted!

Some of you may have noticed I spend much less time on the forums well that's because of Bliss. I blame her. She made Sims 3 Unbuond which is so awesome I spend all of my time there. I keep forgetting about the officials because unbound. Is. So. FUN! Make an account it's worth it, log in to the chatbox and you might be stuck with me- mwuhahahahaha.

Two days ago (my, my! Time flies!) I switched schools to a one-year-old-half-english-half-swedish-international-school which will be much more disciplined than the one that I was in. Which I like because I hated the culture shock. The one thing I'll miss, is my mac that the school bought. I love it a lot but I'll (probably) have to return.

Yesterday evening, I noticed a huge hole on the but, on my faveourite PJ pants- I was so sad. I have had them for 2-3 years now. They are so nice and comfy I just can't throw them away. I even started to cry a little.

Now I thought this post would be a lot longer than it'll be now, mainly because I can't find the pics, and that's just impressive as I can find things on my other computer which has about 1000 more pics than this one. Fail much.

So cheerio! Have fun, comment, post something on the cbox, register at unbound, and toodles!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Flashy Laptop!

Right now I'm typing from our new flashy laptop! :D Specifficly bought so we could be simming while we were moving (back home!) and for my mom to play Witcher at- this cool Hp Windows 7 Professional is great! Now we can be online on vecations and stuff! :)

And that was it...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please recommend this story to save a life!

giginewt really needs 3000 recommendations (possibly less, but the more, the better!) for her family to be able to save her sisters life, so PLEASE recommend it. If you choose not to recommend if you can, that is simply cruel.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Somebody's gonna get it...HARD!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mutant sim o.O

This's a child, but it's like a toddler o.O

Video: (click on full size and windows media player should open)

Umm....mutant sim...o.O