Sunday, October 23, 2011

My blog exists.... yay...?

Well, my email was going to be deleted and bla bla bla look up a thread where I wrote about it... yah yah...

NOW, my blog was going to be deleted and part of me said "sdg,htkmlhlkdfyui.", while the rest of me said "YAY!". Why? Because this blog was made in my days of noob-iness, and I never update.

Easy to fix, I know, but still, doesn't it feel better to start all over, sometimes?

Well... nothing really important to say...


(P.S.: IF you actually read my blog, could you post a comment or something saying AYE so I know there's an actual reason to write? Thanks!)


  1. All I have to say to you is

  2. @Puggy: Oh no you didn't!
    @ :) (and you should make the linked pic your avi xP)

  3. I always make sure to stop by and read every once in a while <3