Monday, October 25, 2010

Do You Know What I HATE?!

Getting 100s of downloads and less than 3 recs! It's just one little click- that's all needed to make a simmer feel appreciated for their hard work on a creation that took time! Creators work hard to do something nice- then don't get ANYTHING in return! Why can't people stop being lazy and just click one time?! It's not like it is an exhausting thing to do! That's why EVERYONE should rec EVERYTHING they download! I've been doing it for months and it feels nice to show appreciation!

I made a dress yesterday that I was so proud of- and instead of keeping it to myself, I shared it.. 324 downloads, and 1 rec, and that 1 rec was from MYSELF. Why even bother uploading things to the exchange?! It's not like anyone is going to appreciate the work you do anyways! From now on, I'll just upload things to my blog through mediafire or something : /

My rant, is complete.

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